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And welcome to another area of my little corner of the Web! This page contains some pictures and brief stories of last year's 80's Server Get-Together Summer Par-tay!

(Note: Please ignore the dates in each picture. They are wrong.)

First we all met up on Friday Night in August at a hotel near Washington-Dulles International Airport. We met in the lobby and exchanged greetings, mostly for the first time. I had met Kathy O. before but not anyone else. The only person absent at that time was Thor. He showed up later. Here is a picture from dinner that night. From left to right are Stephanie (my then fiancee), myself, Joe Jaycee, Mark Rothrock, Thor, Kathy O., Jody, Snowy, Tini and Dago. Alan is either hidden behind Jody or is the one who took this picture. I don't remember.

Friday Dinner

After dinner, we all headed over to a Sports Bar named "Scrooples" across the street. Here we talked, drank, smoked and a few did some dancing. This was really a "Let's *really* get to know each other" party and was a very cool way to spend a Friday night.

Friday at Scrooples

The next day, it was too hot to really go anywhere, so we stayed poolside at the Holiday Inn across the street. More details of our lives were exchanged and we relaxed and enjoyed the company we were in. The water felt great. I took this picture of everyone else. (Mark was trying to hide.)

The Pool

Finally, we decided to head into D.C. proper and get some dinner. At first, we were planning on hitting the Old Ebbett Grill where we were to meet up with Ross, an old friend of mine from High School. However, brilliant me never made a reservation. (In truth, I had never needed one before.) Thus, we switched plans and headed over to the Hard Rock Cafe. Here is a nice photo of us outside waiting to get in. (Ross is second from the left. Also note that Joe Jaycee is wearing an 80's Server Tee-Shirt and my tee-shirt says "Shut-Up And Vault!" Hey, pole_vaulter84, right? Tini snapped this picture.)

Hard Rock Line

After a hearty meal and three really bad renditions of "I Melt With You" we headed over to Polly Esther's to re-live our misspent youth. We checked out the 70's bar upstairs and the 90's bar too. We quickly decided to avoid them both like the plague. Instead we staked out a claim at one of the 80's bars and only moved when we got up to dance to "Don't You Want Me." Here we are:

At Polly Esther's

Of particular interest was Snowy and Tini putting on sunglasses at 11:00 p.m. Care to guess what song the DJ was playing at that time? (Note: Tini is actually wearing my sunglasses which I loaned her.)

Sunglasses At Night

Finally the end drew near and people made their way back to the hotel and the next day, we said our goodbyes and all promised to meet again next year, hopefully with more friends from our favorite site on the Internet!

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