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This is Parris Island as of April, 2000. A great deal has changed since I went through the training cycle there, but a great deal has remained the same too.

Plaque after Main Gate.

Thackery's words are still true today.

The Road to Hell

Ever wonder what the Road to Hell looked like? There it is. This road leads into the Depot. Even though I was here 16 years before, this is the first time I was able to see it while travelling inbound. (Other Parris Island Vets will understand this.)

The Yellow Footprints

The first stop for every Recruit who sets foot aboard the Depot. It is usually accompanied by the words: "FEET AT A FORTY-FIVE DEGREE ANGLE, THUMBS ALONG THE TROUSER SEAMS AND EYES STRAIGHT TO THE FRONT! ARE YOU SOME KIND OF FAGGOT? STOP EYEBALLIN' ME!!!!"

New Receiving Barracks
The building is different than it was back in '84, but the words above the hatch have never changed. "Through these portals pass prospects for America's finest fighting force. United States Marines."

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