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There is still more:

Leatherneck Square

The sign reads: "Leatherneck Square. A training area where Recruits are trained to be MARINES ... such as the Marines who fought at 'Leatherneck Square,' I Corps, Republic of Vietnam, 1966-1969."

Confidence Course

Here are some Recruits waiting to negotiate the "A Frame" on the Confidence Course. In the background you can see another Recruit negotiating the "Rope Bridge." Further back, you can see safety padding beneath the "Stairway To Heaven" obstacle. Back in '84, if you lost your balance on this thing, all that stood between you and the ground were a few blades of grass!

Slide For Life

Here is the famous "Slide For Life." This has changed too. Instead of that huge net under the ropes, we had a huge pit full of muddy water. Must be nice not to get your uniform too dirty.

Slide For Life Access

Also, to reach the "Slide For Life" platform, we had to climb up cargo nets. Today, they have ladder rungs.

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