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Family Genealogy: LaLumiere, Lalumondiere, Lalumondier, Lalumaudiere

Welcome to my family genealogy page! Back in the 1980's, my uncle Frank was working on detailing my family's history before he died. He produced a fairly extensive and detailed tree which I now have a copy of. Ancestors in this tree go all the way back to the early 1600's. Fortunately, the French Catholics were meticulous record keepers and today we have a good record of where we came from. This page has direct Father to Son lines shown in purple. Subsequent pages will detail Mother to Daughter lines.

The Siblings
Catherine Ann LaLumiere Montgomery (b. 16 October 1952)
2nd Daughter (b. 12 December 1953)
Robert Grant LaLumiere (b. 27 March 1955)
Linda Luarene LaLumiere Grubbs (b. 22 September 1958)
Thomas Sherman LaLumiere (b. 23 June 1966)

Our Parents
Leon Paschal LaLumiere (b. 4 December 1924, Kansas City, MO) m. 26 April 1952 Hilda Louise Bailey (b. 16 November 1927, Windsor, Ontario, Canada)

Our Grandparents
Leon Paschal Lalumondiere (b. 17 May 1893, Westphalia Falls,TX) m. 12 February 1924 Laura Hulda Miller (b. 22 November 1907 Woodson, KS)
(Note: This generation is where the name changes to LaLumiere. We don't know why the change was made. Laura Miller born at Yates Center in Woodson.)

Our Great Grandparents
George Lalumondiere (b. 25 June 1864, Ste. Genevieve, MO) m. 4 September 1889 Mary Catherine Rosalia Boyer (b. 20 January 1869, Ste. Genevieve, MO)
(Note: Spelling of name changes. George's middle name is William.)

Our Great Great Grandparents
Pierre Lalumondier (b. 12 Decemeber 1821, Ste. Genevieve, MO) m. 13 August 1844 Terese Theotist Griffard (b. 20 March 1824, Ste. Genevieve, MO)

Our 3 x's Great Grandparents
Bazile Lalumondier (b. 1787, Ste. Genevieve, MO) m. 20 Janurary 1810 Catherine Dufour (b. 10 February 1790, Ste. Genevieve, MO)
(Note: Name spelling changes here.)

Our 4 x's Great Grandparents
Joseph Lalumondiere (b. 7 December 1759, Ste. Genevieve, MO) m. 12 November 1781 Susanne Deguire (b. after 1760)
(Note: Limited information on Susanne Deguire.)

Our 5 x's Great Grandparents
Francois Lalumondiere (b. 25 November 1715, Montreal, Canada) m. 17 Spetember 1742 Marie Louise Perthus (b. 15 March 1727)
(Note: Name changes here, possibly to reflect that this Francois was not a native of France.)

Our 6 x's Great Grandparents
Francois Lalumaudiere (b. 1675, France) m. 12 September 1713 Marie Anne Morand (b. 17 August 1692)
(Note: This Francois was also Dit Lafleur, soldat de Marigny and the last native of France in this progenitor line.)

Our 7 x's Great Grandparents
Francois Lalumaudiere (b. unknown, France) m. Unknown Renee Frerot (b. unknown, France)
(Note: records for this and the next Francois were from St-Jean-d'Angely, diocese de Xaintes, Saintonge, France)

If you know anything more, or may be a descendant of any of these people, email me and we can research this some more.

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