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Christmas Day, 1981

Christmas Day, 1981. The miniature dachshund with the Christmas booties on my right thigh is Heinrich and Freya is next to my left knee. BTW, don't I look innocent here?

Shoveling Snow In 1982!

Here I am shoveling snow in the winter of 1982. We got hit with over a foot of snow in one day but were out of school for over a week because the temperatures never got above freezing and what little snow did melt quickly became ice. BTW, don't I look excited here?

1983 Crossland Boys Cross Country Team

Here I am posing with the 1983 Crossland Senior High School Boys Cross-Country Team. I am in the back row, second from the left. Look at all that hair! BTW, don't I look relaxed and easy-going here?

In the 1983 Homecoming Parade

Homecoming Parade, November 1983. I'm waving to the camera. This is the only time I ever played a trombone in public. BTW, don't I look like I'm having fun here?

August 17, 1984. On that date was born a Lean, Mean Fighting Machine! A Hard-Charging U.S. Marine! BTW, don't I look intense here?

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