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Memorial Day, 1986

May, 1986. With my father in front of our house in Temple Hills. BTW, don't I look proud here?

Dude!Dude, again!

Late Autumn, 1987. On weekend liberty from Camp Lejeune and getting ready to hit Georgetown in Washington D.C. BTW, don't I look like the quintessential 80's DUDE here?

Summer, 1988

Mid-Summer, 1988. Finally free again after four years of training to kick Commie Butt. BTW, don't I look like I have an "I don't give a sh*t" attitude here? (If the truth be known, after four years of the Marines, I didn't give a sh*t!)

Summer, 1989

At my nephew's (who is also my God Son) baptism in the Summer of 1989. From the look on my face here, it is obvious I either mellowed out or matured alot in one year. (This is probably because my father passed away in December of 1988 and I was never the same afterward.)

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