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The Rogues Gallery of 80's Time Travelers

Tom L. Tom L.
Tom L. in 1983 on the left, and 1999 on the right.

Okielady Okielady
A couple of "recent" pictures of Okielady.

Melissa C.
Melissa C. from 1989.

Deb, the girl formerly known as "tini."

Jude C.
Jude C. enjoying his prom in 1986.

Kathy O's sister, Chrissy.

A couple from JR. On the left, from 1989. On the right, from 1998.

Juggie Juggie
Here's Juggie!!!!!!! Juggernaut Suede, getting married in 1987 on the left and as he appears today on the right.

Ice Machine Ice Machine
Ice Machine, from about two years ago.

Mark Rothrock Mark Rothrock
Mark Rothrock, enjoying a High School computer class on the left and a more recent picture from 1998 on the right.

Jimcat and Mrs. Jimcat
Jimcat and Mrs. Jimcat, enjoying a boat trip on the Hudson River. Jimcat is the one with the beard. ;)

Manu Manu
Manu, at one of her proms in 1986 and a recent picture on the right.

jzero jzero
Jzero, from the early 80's on the left and a satisfied grin in 2001 on the right.

Lynda and Walt
Lynda Cook and her hubby, Walt.

Kathy O.
Finally! A picture of Kathy O!

Barb Barb Barb
Barb, from '89 on the left, '97 in the center and '01 on the right.

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