Welcome to my new Web page! I will be adding more and more as time goes on. In the future look for my favorite 80's memories of High School and the Marine Corps!

My first novel is now available from Publish America. Check it out:

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LaLumiere Family Genealogy Page. Read about our ancestors.
Family Tree

We are a dog family. Several pets have come through our homes before passing on to the Rainbow Bridge to await our arrival. Please click the link below and honor the noble animals who counted us as their own family.
Rainbow Bridge Memorial Page

Also, check out the most Gnarley and Tubular server on the Web. The 80's Server is a website dedicated to the most Totally Awesome decade in history!

The 80's Server

Here is where you can check out some of the Lost Classics of Pop Music from the 70's and 80's:

Barry Scott Presents Lost 45's of the 70's and 80's.

You can meet some TOTALLY AWESOME people there like:
Lola Granola
Mikey (No, not *that* Mikey!)
King V
Alex Rogan (Not the movie character. Just someone using that "handle.")
Here are three awards I've recieved from the 80's Server:

Fast Times At Ridgemont HighReturn Of The Jedi
I Saved Ferris. Can You?

You can also see what I used to look like back in 80's. Be prepared for at least one intense stare though!

Personal Pics From The 80's

And check out The Rogues' Message Board. You can post about topics such as the 80's, Cold War and even military if you wish!

The Rogues' Message Board

I am a product of the Cold War. The link to the right will take you to my Multiple-Award Winning Cold War Memories page. It's sort of humorous since back in '84 I was sure I wouldn't live long enough to do anything like this.Cold War Memories Page It could have happened!
After graduating Crossland Sr. High School of Temple Hills, MD in 1984, I enlisted in the Marines. The next link to the right is to my "Marine Corps Memories" page. It includes a link to and two picture archives are up for your viewing pleasure. Marine Corps Memories Page Proudly Served, US Marines! Ooh-Rah!!!!
The 80's wasn't always fun and games. The decade also marked one of the most active periods for terrorism ever. Click the next link to the right to go to my 80's Terrorism Memories Page.Terrorism In The 1980's

And finally, as you can tell by my email address, I used to be a pole vaulter back in high school. Check out the link at right! Vault World

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