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Welcome to my Phibron 4 Pictures Page!

Semper Fi!

USS Nashville, Squadron Flagship

Phibron 4 Flagship USS Nashville (LPD-13).

USS Whidbey Island

USS Whidbey Island (LSD-41). This cruise was her maiden voyage. We called her the "Hotel Whidbey."

USS Inchon

USS Inchon (LPH-12). We called her the "Inchworm." This is a close as Spartanburg County ever got to her due to ongoing flight operations and I didn't have a zoom lense.

USS Newport

USS Newport (LST-1179). Out sister ship and lead ship of the Newport Class Tank Landing Ships. Note that she carries the causeways (floating barges) on her stern quarter.

USS Newport again

Another view of USS Newport (LST-1179).

USS Spartanburg County

USS Spartanburg County (LST-1192). My home for six months, here riding at anchor in Saint Raphael, France.

How the causeways are used

Preparing to "back-load" equipment after an operation in Sardinia.

Bow Ramp

The business end of an LST.

Well eck

The business end of an LPD. Note that the well deck is not flooded for this particular operation. Whidbey Island was similar in this configuration.

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